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Yes. The young person has to be 12 years old by the time the camp takes place.

No, there is no such requirement. Young people who are not members of Kodutütred or Noored Kotkad are also welcome to attend the camp. To take part in the camp, you need to assemble a group of ten young people, find an adult supervisor and inform us of your interest by email at

Yes, there must be one adult supervisor for every 10 young people.

Member of Kodutütred or Noored Kotkad should report this to the youth instructor of their district and non-members should report this to their supervisor who will then relay the information to the camp organiser.

First, you should inform your supervisor of this in advance and they will then pass the information on to the camp team.

There’s no participation fee! However, you have to organize the transportation to the camp and back with your own funds, we do not guarantee this.

NB! Transportation for the members of Kodutütred and Noored Kotkad is organized by their district.

Participants are sleeping in tents, that accommodates a group of 10 youths and their supervisor. You can see the tent HERE (on the left in the picture). However, you have to bring your own sleeping equipment (sleeping mat, sleeping bag).

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